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The HHP video archive

Note that some of these video files are fairly large, so depending on your connection speed, they can take some time to load.

‘Holocaust Denial Videos’

These videos are provided by DenierBud at Holocaust Denier Videos. DenierBud’s site contains some additional information not reproduced here, so we urge you to visit his site. Some of these videos were available on YouTube, but have since been removed, apparently because they are heretical to the secular religion of the Holocaust™.

Eric Hunt videos

The Eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude)

This 1940 propaganda film, in the form of a documentary, consists of feature and documentary footage combined with materials filmed shortly after the Nazi occupation of Poland.

Overdubbed in English.

Sarah Silverman on the Holocaust

Jewish comedienne Sarah Silverman has an unusual take on the Holocaust.

Mark Dice

Mark Dice is a conspiracy theorist who believes Holocaust extermination claims, but sometimes his videos are just too good to pass up.

Holocaust videos featuring David McCalden

Archival videos produced by or featuring David McCalden, founder of the Institute for Historical Review