The Holocaust Historiography Project

Buchenwald: A dumb portrayal of evil

A 2 hour and 22 minute movie, in 22 episodes, dealing with an alleged extermination camp. Our thanks go out to the producer of these videos, Denier Bud, of Holocaust Denier Videos, for allowing us to make these videos available here.

  1. Human skin lampshade
  2. The director
  3. Shrunken heads
  4. Tattooed human skin
  5. The Ilse Koch anachronistic problem
  6. Moral high ground, or ethno-genetic strategy?
  7. A psychological warfare operation makes history
  8. Spotting the chief of psyche warfare in the propaganda movie
  9. Why America believes in The Holocaust
  10. Understanding the piles of bodies
  11. USA and Britain caused way more starvation deaths than Nazis
  12. Eisenhower’s Holocaust hoax strategy
  13. Eisenhower’s popularity coups
  14. "Good guys vs. bad guys"
  15. Using dead bodies as justification
  16. The Pfaffenberger affidavit
  17. Psychological warfare plants as Nuremberg trial exhibits
  18. From Holocaust myth to Cold War
  19. Psychological warfare in The New York Times
  20. Buchenwald executions
  21. Baking bread in cremation ovens
  22. Militarism and the Holocaust myth