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Book Review

Genocide In The Holy Land

  • Genocide In The Holy Land, Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld, Neturei Karta of the U.S.A., PO Box 2143, Brooklyn, NY 11202, 570pp, paperback $8.00.

Reviewed by Bezalel Chaim

Genocide in the Holy Land by Rabbi Moshe Schonfeld is a worthy sequel to the same author’s The Holocaust Victims Accuse. Rabbi Schonfeld presents a documented account of the destruction by the Zionists of Middle Eastern and North African Jewry. Although the book focuses on the plight of Yemenite Jews there is also considerable material on the uprooting of the Jews of Iraq, Iran and Algeria. Rabbi Schonfeld relates a sorry tale of kidnapping, murder and religious persecution and the book is a damning indictment of the “secular Socialist” Zionist state. Although many readers may not accept Rabbi Schonfeld’s dogmatic Jewish Orthodox biases nonetheless this book is essential reading for those wishing to gain knowledge of what really took place in the “bastion of democracy,” Israel.

From The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1980 (Vol. 1, No. 4), page 377.