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Dealing in Hate

  • DEALING IN HATE, Dr. Michael F. Connors, Institute for Historical Review, 40pp, paperback, $2.50. ISBN: 0-911038-55-8.

reviewed by Lewis Brandon (David McCalden)

This new booklet is an excellent introduction for any student of black propaganda. The author argues that we have been deliberately manipulated into a “hate Germany” attitude, and led to believe that the Huns are much more prone to warfare than any other nation. He logs the outbreaks of warfare over the past century, and shows that Germany has committed far fewer acts of aggression than her European neighbors.

He examines the manipulation of public opinion through the invention of atrocity rumors and shows how some of the canards-such as the famous “soap factory” yarn-were actually recycled during WWII, even after they had been exposed after the end of WWI!

He concludes by giving a few examples of the hysterical, anti-German outbursts which have emanated from Zionist sources, and censures those authors such as Shirer who still continue in this neurotic vendetta.

Although the book was written and first published in 1962, it remains as fresh as ever in this new edition, with an eye-catching, graphic cover. One should go on from here and read The First Casualty by Phillip Knightly ($14.50 from IHR) and Falsehood in Wartime by Arthur Ponsonby (IHR, $4.00).

Bibliographic information
Author: Brandon, Lewis
Title: Dealing in Hate (review)
Source: The Journal for Historical Review
Date: Summer 1980
Issue: Volume 1 number 2
Location: Page 184
ISSN: 0195-6752
Attribution: “Reprinted from The Journal of Historical Review, PO Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659, USA.”
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